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Exterior Wall Cladding Tiles

Your home reflects your style and therefore how it looks outside is equally important as the interior decorations. Investing in good outdoor wall designs is, therefore, a clever decision.

The garden area, the porch area, and the balcony are the prominent areas which are visible to others in the outdoor. It is, therefore, imperative to choose the right decor ideas for them too.  While choosing a wall tile for the outdoors, you must keep in mind that it should be resistant to climate changes.

Have a look at the popular choices of wall cladding tiles for exteriors of the homes in Kerala.

Popular exterior wall tiles in Kerala

House big or small is a major part of your identity if you own one. The exterior walls speak volume about the residents of the house.

Almost all types of tiles, that is either matt or glossy, can be used in the exterior walls provided they have been certified as “exterior” tile

Get to know the popular designs for exteriors of homes in Kerala.

Stone type

The classic stone look outside your home has got a new modern version to it. These are much loved by those who like to create a vintage and rustic look outside their home. These gel along with natural stones and add to the continuity of your balcony or sit-out area. These tiles can also be a great choice to be used at your garden area.

The prices start from Rs.120.sq.ft

Wooden type

Wooden paved exterior walls for houses were once common in Kerala. However, these were high maintenance and hence replaced by tiles. But with advanced technology, you can feel the warmth and beauty of the wooden planks on the digitally printed tiles. These can either be porcelain or ceramic tiles. At a distance, these look exactly like wooden pavements. These are a great option for exterior balconies.

The price range starts from Rs. 80 per sq.ft

Digital ceramic outdoor wall tiles

Digital ceramic wall tiles boast of giving your exterior walls timeless beauty with its unique high-quality digital prints on tiles. Use them as a mosaic pattern or mix patterns with solids, you can use your imagination and make the best exterior walls for your homes. The wide range of digital ceramic tiles provides you all the liberty to choose the perfect look for your exterior walls.

The price range starts from Rs. 40 per sq.ft