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Outdoor floor tiles

Unlike indoor rooms, outdoor flooring calls for quality material that can withstand changing weather and high traffic while showcasing durability. Among the many options available for exterior flooring, tiles showcase the best mix of practicality and style.

Unlike contemporary concrete flooring, tiles offer you a broader range of designs and are easier to maintain. Owing to the many options available, it is essential to learn the factors to consider when selecting an outdoor tile flooring option.

Among the key factors include:

  1. Climatic conditions- if you live in areas of high humidity, it is essential to acquire impervious tiles. This prolongs the life of your structures by blocking water absorption, which results in thawing and cracking.
  2. Sunlight exposure- a common challenge for exterior tiles is the effects upon exposure to sunlight. For durable service under the open glare of the sun, ensure that your tiles have an ultraviolet-proof layer. Alternatively, invest in stone and vinyl material as they suffer the least effect on exposure to sunlight.
  1. Maintenance- owing to the high traffic witnessed outdoor, getting a tile with a tough coating is a matter of needs must. While at it, ensure that your flooring is less susceptible to abrasion hence retaining the visual appearance for a longer duration of time.

Types of outdoor floor tiles

Outdoor Ceramic floor tiles

In the indoor flooring realm, ceramic ranks as the most durable water-proof material. Similarly, ceramic tiles perform exemplarily outdoors provided that they have the right PEI rating.

What makes ceramic an ideal option, however, is its ability to mimic various materials, getting a quality finish without spending excessive amounts of money.  

Quarry tiles

Although quarry tiles offer lesser colour options, they display unrivaled durability, therefore, accommodating high traffic without damage. Although it is non-porous, flooring performs poorly in low climates, thus is ideal for use in warmer regions.

Quarry tiles average between Rs413 and Rs800 and may cost lesser depending on the manufacturer.

Concrete tiles

Concrete is among the most common outdoor tiles. Like quarry, concrete is durable and easy to maintain. However, concrete is porous, therefore less than ideal in areas of high humidity.

However, concrete cost higher than its counterparts and also feels harder under feet. Outdoor concrete tiles cost between Rs200 and Rs688 per square meter depending on the stone type you settle for.

For quality assurance, it is essential to engage a flooring expert or acquire material from a revered dealer. At Paittakulam Marbles, we offer a wide range of flooring tiles at consumer-friendly prices.