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Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom Floor Tile Prices & Types

Unlike other rooms in your home, the bathroom requires a versatile, durable flooring material which withstands frequent contact with water. Among the numerous bathroom flooring options, tiles not only have the most durability but are also the best in aesthetics.

Also, bathroom tiles are easier to clean, thus ensuring a functional sanitary area for your home. Given their vast range of availability, it is important to have an idea of what tiles are best in the market and what is best for you.

Things to consider when buying bathroom floor tiles

Here are some of the things you should consider while choosing bathroom floor tiles;

  1. Traffic- Flooring material vary in terms of the toughness of the topcoat. The more people use the bathroom the tougher should be the flooring. To ensure that your floor tiles last long, invest in those which are tough and durable.
  2. Pattern/colour- like any other room of your house, the bathroom should complement your house decor and play a role in its beauty. To retain the aesthetic appeal of your home, ensure that your bathroom tiles are congruent with the color pattern of your house.
  3. Cost- before beginning the remodeling of your bathroom, make sure that you have the right budget. With this in mind, find the best bathroom floor tiles within your price range.
  4. Water-resistance- stone and terracotta tiles clog with water, thus are less than ideal for bathroom flooring. However, some bathrooms have a separate shower area. In such cases, people can use stone and terracotta tiles for aesthetics.
  5. Slip resistance- among the consequences of choosing flooring materials poorly, slippery floors rank top of the list. To reduce the risk of slipping and falling, invest in a tile with a rough surface.

Our collection of the bathroom tiles include:

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Terracotta tiles
  • Vinyl tiles
  • Porcelain tiles
  • Stone tiles

Prices of bathroom floor tiles

The cost of bathroom floor tiles depends on their design, material, and size. Here is an approximate price range of our tiles;

Ceramic tiles

Among the many bathroom flooring options, ceramic tiles rank as the most widely used ones. Besides their affordability, ceramic tiles also exhibit unrivaled water-resistance preventing chances of a water-logged floor.

Due to its primacy in flooring, you can find a finish mimicking any wood/ stone counterparts, thus boosting your bathroom’s aesthetic appeal without compromising its practicality. Depending on the design etched on the surface of the tiles, ceramic tiles cost between Rs.25 to Rs.100 per square feet.

Terracotta tiles

For a welcoming appearance, terracotta is the go-to option for bathroom flooring. However, this material is susceptible to waterlogging, thus requires to be coated annually to block the pores. The prices for Terracotta tiles range between Rs 68 and Rs 408.

Vinyl tiles

After ceramic, vinyl tiles are the second most common option for bathrooms. However, the vinyl shows more resistance to water. Also, they are available in many designs just like ceramic tiles.

What makes vinyl a better option are the waterproof plank seams which prevent water from seeping into the tiles.

These tiles cost between Rs.70 to Rs.150.

Stone tiles

If you are willing to spend more on flooring, stone tiles may prove an ideal option. Besides its durability, stone increases the home resale value and gives the bathroom an appealing finish.

With the vast array of tiles in our showrooms, finding an ideal bathroom floor tile for your home is easy. Besides ensuring quality, we offer a vast range of designs, making sure that all your expectations are met. In addition, we offer prices within a pocket-friendly price range.