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Living Room Floor Tiles

Living room floor tiles for Kerala homes

As the most frequented area in a home, and where the guests are welcomed, the living room should boast of excellent design. Therefore, we all make sure that our living rooms look the best. As far as looks and durability of living room flooring are concerned there are lots of tiles you can choose from.

Among the best living room floor tiles include; Natural stone, Terracotta, Vinyl, Ceramic, and marble flooring tiles.

1. Ceramic tiles

Ceramic ranks the most popular among home flooring tiles. In addition to water resistance, ceramic is non-porous to cleaning agents hence stain-proof.

For a longer duration of service and better visual appearance, settle for glazed ceramic over its unglazed counterparts. Unlike common flooring material, ceramic is easier to clean and cheaper than its quality equivalent alternatives.

Going for Rs.30 to Rs.250 per square foot, ceramic ranks among the affordable living room floor tiles.

2. Natural stone tiles

For higher resale value, natural stone ranks top among various types of floor tiles. Although stone limits your design options, it commands a classy natural look and also offers unrivaled durability.

Beside a bi-annual/annual application of a coating, stone tiles require little maintenance to retain their stain-proof and water-proof qualities. Natural stone tiles rank top of the price spectrum for flooring material with an average of Rs300 and Rs1300 per square foot.

The most common options for living room stone tiles include limestone, granite, and slate.

3. Terracotta tiles

Although it ranks among the most beautiful living room floor tiles, the use of terracotta dates back to as early as the art of flooring itself. Unlike its counterparts, terracotta offers the most versatility featuring mosaic and modern designs.

Since they are natural, terracotta tiles are allergen-free, thus an excellent choice for living rooms and households with pets. Depending on the brand and design components, terracotta may range between Rs.40 and Rs.500 per square foot of installation.

4. Vinyl tiles

Although vinyl has been cited as the cheapest flooring material, its practicality exceeds many of its costlier counterparts. Apart from its easy maintenance, vinyl tiles are comfortable under feet and available in a wide range of colors and designs.

On average, vinyl tiles cost between Rs34 and Rs68 per square foot, therefore, enabling standard floor installation. The downside to vinyl tiles, however, is that they are non-biodegradable consequently harmful to the environment upon disposal.

5. Marble living room tiles

Elegance and style are items you cannot afford to neglect during floor design. With marble tiles, you achieve an appealing floor design and improve the resale value of your apartment, realizing meaningful profits.

However, marble floors require high maintenance as they are susceptible to scratching and require a frequent application of sealant to retain their water-proofing ability.

Although tiles can prove harder than other flooring agents, they offer more benefits over their counterparts. Besides the vast array of design, tiles show unrivaled durability and are less likely to spark allergic reactions.

For quality tiles worth your money, visit Paittakulam marbles showroom and enjoy the full range of options and expert insight on your flooring needs.