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Bedroom Wall Tiles

The one place at our homes of which the decor often gets the least importance is the bedroom. While we explicitly invest so much for designing the bathrooms and the living area, our bedrooms which is a go-to place after a long tiring stressful day gets overlooked.

Tiling your bedroom walls is one of the easiest ways to create a cozy and nice vibe to your room. Not only do they make your bedrooms look vibrant, they are easy to clean and last for a longer period of time.

We at Paittakulam marbles help you decorate your bedroom walls with a wide range of bedroom wall tiles from the leading national and international brands.

We have a collection of an array of tiles in many finishes.

Some of the popular finishes for bedroom wall tiles in Kerala are:

Matte Finish

Matte finish tiles are ideal if you have a contemporary design for your bedroom in mind. Since the matt sheen does not reflect much light, these must be used in a spacious bedroom. These tiles give your bedroom a nice, cozy feel that relaxes your nerves after a hectic day of work.

Paittakulam marbles has matt finish tiles in the sizes: 15×60 cm, 15×45 cm,

The price range for matte bedroom wall tiles starts from Rs.55 per sq.ft

Textured Finish:

Textured Finish tiles give an ethereal ambiance to your bedroom. You can mix it up with plain coloured tiles and create your own personalized and unique bedroom walls to suit your taste. These tiles have a rocky, uneven texture.

You can choose a wide range of textured tiles from our showroom.

We have them in the following sizes: 15×60 cm, 15×45 cm,

Starting price for these tiles is Rs.55 per sq.ft

Rustic Finish

Another way to solemnly add the aesthetic look to your bedroom decor is to use the rustic finish tiles. These have a matt based glaze and a porcelain body with colours that range from yellow, to earthy colours like brown, dark grey, etc.

Choose from our wide range of rustic tiles, with sizes from 15×60 cm, 15×45 cm,

The price range starts from Rs.55 per sq.ft

What colors are the best for bedrooms?

Bedrooms need to make you feel relaxed and hence it is imperative that you choose the colours of your tiles that blend with your personality.

Choose a vibrant colour like yellow, red, orange if you want to get an energetic feel to your room.

If you like your bedroom to be a soothing place, go for soft colours like pastels.

Also, be aware of the size of the room while selecting the colours and the finishes. A wrong choice can make the room look dull and small, while a right choice can create a beautiful bedroom interior.