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Kitchen Floor Tiles

Kitchen Floor Tiles

Besides the frequent splash of water, kitchen tiles should also withstand high usage and other rough uses. Fortunately, tiles offer you wider choices on the design of your kitchen while presenting matchless durability.

Below are the most popular types of tiles used in kitchens;

  • Vinyl
  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Natural stone


1. Vinyl floor tiles

Among the trending kitchen floor tile ideas, vinyl tiles offer the most durability and a wide choice of designs. 

With colors ranging from white, grey to brown, vinyl eases your choice and allows you to get the ultimate design. Additionally, vinyl tiles are water-proof, and low maintenance thus does not stain from frequent spillage.

What makes kitchen vinyl floor tiles the ideal choice for kitchen flooring; however, is their softer nature under feet. Due to this, you can stand for long hours on the vinyl floor without succumbing to feet aches.

Also, vinyl tiles are affordable, costing between Rs.37 to Rs.200 per square foot.

2. Porcelain tiles

Although many rank porcelains among ceramic tiles, porcelain exhibits a firmer, clearer surface and also show low water-absorption rates. As such, porcelain offers more extended service and is easier to maintain.

Like ceramic, porcelain features a glazed and unglazed option for each tile build. Unlike the unglazed options, smooth options offer more extensive design and color choice.

When going for porcelain tiles, it is critical to ensure that they are slip-resistant hence preventing slippage on liquids spilled on the floor. Porcelain kitchen tiles average between Rs.50 and Rs.600 per square feet depending on the design of the tiles.

3. Kitchen ceramic floor tiles

When it comes to versatility, the ceramic floor is an indisputable leader. Owing to its success in bathroom flooring, ceramic is proven to withstand high humidity without crumbling or getting musty.

Thanks to its high water and chemical resistance, ceramic tiles are easier to clean and they retain their texture for a longer duration. Like porcelain, ceramic can bear a wide array of designs at affordable price ranges.

The cost of ceramic tiles ranges between Rs.40 and Rs.600.

4. Natural stone floor tiles

While stone tiles are not standard in kitchen flooring, they show unique durability. 

Given their quality make, stone tiles require professional installation hence incur higher costs. Since stone tiles are porous, it is essential to frequently coat the surface, preventing seeping of water into the tiles.

On average, stone tiles cost between Rs.100 and Rs.300 per square foot.

Factors to consider when buying tiles for the kitchen

It is important to consider the following points while looking for kitchen floor tiles.

Traction  like the bathroom, the kitchen is susceptible to water spillage, which would result to harm. To avert this, ensure that your tiles offer adequate grip, thus allowing you to walk over slippages without sliding.

Visual appeal  to make your kitchen appealing, ensure that your tile color and design conform to the paint job, and offer a lively color combination. For the sink headboard, however, consider tiles that bear a darker shade, thus cloaking oil and possible stains.

Ease of cleaning  given the nature of dirt which kitchen tiles are exposed to, high-maintenance tasks can trigger headaches when cleaned and are more susceptible to staining. For a smoother experience, go for low maintenance tiles thus retaining their original design without staining.

Among the many types of kitchen flooring material, tiles rank high as they encompass durability and style without incurring exuberant costs.