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Bedroom floor tiles

Paittakulam marbles showcase a variety of floor tiles for bedrooms. The following are some of the most commonly used tiles in Kerala’s houses.

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Natural stone tiles
  • Porcelain tiles

How much do they cost?

As is the nature of flooring material, the budget for bedroom flooring tiles is dependent on the manufacturer, visual appeal, material, and size.

Tip: when planning, cater for extra tiles to cover for damages and filler cut tiles that may be required. This also reduces the hassle of searching for a matching tile when you need to repair your floor later on.

Ceramic tile

Among various options, ceramic tiles are the most popular for bedrooms. Aside from its durability, ceramic is easy to clean, therefore less likely to stain. However, ceramic can adopt the heat of the surrounding environment and get uncomfortable to step on when cold.

Vitrified tiles also are a type of ceramic tiles. They are likely to cost from Rs.40 to upward depending on their quality and design.

Porcelain tiles are also a type of ceramic tiles. Both are available in the same price ranges.

Natural stone

Although this ranks the most expensive of flooring tiles, stone showcases unrivaled durability and ease of maintenance. Since stone is porous, you are required to coat the floor frequently to maximize its durability without water seeping to the subfloor.

The common choices of stone flooring include slate, granite, and limestone. Due to their price, natural stone tiles have the most impact on home resale value as compared to their counterparts. Natural stone tiles range between Rs300 to Rs2300 per square foot depending on the stone type.

For quality tiles, visit Paittakulam marble showrooms and choose from the wide variety of tile colors and styles.

Given the durability and affordability of tiles, it is critical to consider tiles for bedroom flooring. Since tiles are successful in mimicking multiple finishes, you can get an appealing finish congruent with your design needs without spending excessive amounts of money.