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Commercial space floor tiles

Floor tiles for commercial spaces- Types, Price List

When planning for commercial space flooring, durability is given primacy over other parameters like visual appeal. Owing to the high-traffic that the surfaces should withstand, using low-quality tiles may result in frequent damage, thus accruing considerable losses in repairs.

It is critical to invest in durable commercial-rated flooring material to avoid running into damages and losses. Below are some of the best types of commercial-grade floor tiles ideal for high traffic and water-prone areas.

  1. Commercial grade Terrazzo tile
  2. Quarry tile
  3. Commercial vinyl tiles
  4. Commercial ceramic tile


Commercial grade Terrazzo tile

Among the standard floor tiles for commercial use, terrazzo ranks as the most durable and it is also the oldest material used for commercial flooring. Beside the panoply of design combinations offered by terrazzo tiles, you are assured of a lasting service regardless of the amount of traffic expected.

Since they are designed from marble/stone with concrete/epoxy resin, Terrazzo showcase the most imperviousness, therefore, is easy to clean off dirt and spills. Owing to its sturdy build and variety of styles, terrazzo provides for aesthetic appeal to your floor without sabotaging durability.

Due to its price, however, terrazzo is limited to institutions, churches, and showrooms intending to cover a more extensive space. The total cost of terrazzo tiles ranges from Rs.25 to Rs.195 per square ft, depending on the material and the design.

Quarry tile

Commercial grade quarry tiles rank second in terms of practicality and durability. They showcase immense strength and perform optimally under high temperatures.

Additionally, quarry tiles rank top of non-slip floor tiles for commercial use so they can be used for commercial kitchens or around pools. However, quarry tiles are available only in limited color variations, therefore are hard to find for design needs.

To prolong the service of these tiles, seal the gaps with epoxy thus preventing the accumulation of liquid in gaps. Quarry tiles costs average between Rs.10 and Rs. 200 per square ft.

Commercial vinyl tiles

For affordable commercial flooring, vinyl tiles take a distinct lead. Besides the low maintenance build, vinyl tiles are also water-resistant hence easy to clean. Additionally, vinyl tiles provide for printing over the top layer, therefore, offering a final look like any top-end product.

However, it is critical to ensure that the print is thick to prevent degradation caused by abrasion. On average, commercial vinyl floors cost Rs.45 per square floor depending on the design and quality of the material.

Commercial grade ceramic floor tile

Aside from being a leading flooring material for domestic spaces, ceramic tiles are also ideal for commercial spaces. Thanks to its minimal water absorption, these tiles are easier to clean and less susceptible to water-related damage.

Unlike its counterparts, ceramic costs lesser per square foot with an average of Rs. 20.

Knowing the difference in the quality of floor tiles for commercial use is one step towards your goal. Finding where to get genuine materials for the right price is the other.

At Paittakulam marbles, we offer you a wide array of commercial flooring options to select from within an affordable range. If you have any questions feel free to call us or visit one of our showrooms.