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Paittakulam marbles – The Trusted granite dealer in Kerala

Ours is a trusted name among the granite dealers in Kerala. Our vast showrooms located in Koothattukulam and Kothamangalam have a large collection of various granite models, and we are also a leading exporter in this industry.

Granite types

Indian granites are broadly classified into two;

  1. North Indian
  2. South Indian

North Indian granites are mined from quarries located in North India, and South Indian ones from South of India. Most of the ganite quarries are located in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Gujarat.

Popular granite colors

Grnaites are available in a wide range of colors. In our expeirece the following colors are the most popular in Kerala.

  1. Black galaxy
  2. Black Forest
  3. Black pearl
  4. Rajasthan black
  5. Steel grey
  6. Desert brown
  7. Red multi color
  8. Tiger skin
  9. Fantasy white
  10. Tiger skin
  11. Tan brown
  12. Jhansi red
  13. Himalayan blue
  14. Hassan green
  15. Alaska white

Granite prices

The prices of granites depend on their quality, color, size and availability. The prices are calculated either per square foot or square meter.

Since the prices fluctuate often it is hard to give an exact figure. Also the quality of the the granite varies with its mining conditions, it is possible that two granite slabs of same model mined at different locations have different quality.

But an approximate pricing per square foot for the popular granite choices in Kerala are as follows;

Black galaxy – starting from Rs. 180

The price of black galaxy starts at Rs.180 per square feet.

This model is mostly mined from Andhra Pradesh. It is black in color with s starry distribution of white and gold color, which makes it looks like a galaxy filled with stars.

This is an excellent choice for kitchen countertops.

Black Forest – starting from Rs. 140

This too is black in color with white, river like lines that flows in the same directions. These granites are most used as kitchen countertops and on walls.

Its pricing starts from Rs.140 per sq.ft

Black pearl – starting from Rs. 430

Mostly mined from Telangana this granite has a black background with white pearl like designs, which is why it is called black pearl.

Black pearl granites are available from Rs. 430 per sq.ft

Hassan green – starting from Rs. 150

Hassan green is a dark green colored granite mostly mined from the state of Karnataka.

Its pricing starts from Rs. 150 per sq.ft

Rajasthan black granite – starting from Rs. 80

As the name indicates this granite is quarried in Rajasthan. It is basically black color with white, water like spots. It is a good choice for many places like counter tops, walls, steps etc. It is also much used as a flooring material for verandahs.

They are available from Rs. 80 per sq.ft onwards.

White galaxt granite – starting from Rs. 200

This is a white version of the galaxy black model. It is white in color with a uniform distribution of brown and grey specks.

They are available from prices Rs. 200 per sq.ft

Madurai gold granite – starting from Rs. 175

They are also called Colonial gold granite, and are mostly quarried in Madurai area of India.

This model is available from Rs. 175 per sq.ft onwards.