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Commercial Space Wall Tiles

Whether you own a cafe or a simple office space, you need to create a space that brings back your customers for more. Nothing beats the beauty and elegance created by the right choice of the tiles whether it’s for the floors or walls.

We at Paittakulam Marbles help you create the perfect look for your commercial space that would create a warm and welcoming ambiance for your potential customers.

Popular Commercial wall tiles in Kerala (& their prices)

Choice of a commercial wall tile depends on the type of commercial space like if its a theme cafe, or a restaurant or an educational institute or an office space. Each commercial space is different and has a different vibe to it.

Paittakulam marbles is one of the leading dealers of branded commercial wall tiles in Kerala which sports an array of tiles which basically fall into either of the following three categories:

HD Matt Wall tiles

HD or High- definition wall tiles use inkjet painting technology to create an aesthetic look with a matt sheen. They are available as floor body tiles, and full-body wall tiles. The floor body tiles match perfectly with the floor tiles which give continuity to space.

If you own a commercial space in Kerala come visit us at our stores for the HD Matt wall tiles.

The sizes in which these are available are: 30×60 cm, 15×30 cm

Price Range starts from Rs.62 per sq.ft

Ceramic wall tiles

Ceramic wall tiles are made of either red or white clay fired in a kiln. The clay used here is more refined than that of porcelain tiles and hence these have a high absorption rate. Ceramic tiles, therefore come with a glazed protective coating which reflects much light and makes a small room look spacious. Create breathtaking decor by choosing the perfect ceramic tile for your commercial space that inspires you to keep working harder and your customers to keep getting back to you.

Sizes available are: 30×60 cm, 15×30 cm, 15×45 cm

The price range starts from Rs.40 per sq.ft

Digital wall tiles

The advanced digital machinery used in the digital wall tiles can make any room stunning. The HD clarity and the super glossy finish of these tiles give a royal look with a welcome feel to any commercial space. It is a great choice to make for your walls of the commercial space as they are stain-resistant and super easy to clean.

Sizes available are: 30×60 cm, 15×30 cm, 15×45 cm, 80×120 cm

Price range starts from Rs.48 per sq.ft