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Kitchen Wall Tiles

Kitchen is one of the most important places and the busiest of all the rooms. It is where the delicious nadan foods and other cuisines are made and hence needs to be designed with all the love and care. Since the kitchen walls are more prone to stains, using tiles for the walls is a great idea to make your cleaning rituals a tad easier.

Paittakulam marbles is the home to the exquisite collection of branded kitchen tiles, specially selected for Malayalee homes.

Choose from the incredible selection of wall tiles for your kitchen at a reasonable price without compromising on the quality.

Popular kitchen wall tiles in Kerala

There are a plethora of choices to decorate your dream kitchen, which makes the process of choosing the right tile to fit in your demands a bit puzzling.

Here is a brief of the kitchen wall tiles which have been in popular demand in the Malayalee homes for quite some time.

Glossy ceramic tiles:

Glossy ceramic tiles are famous for their reflective nature that adds volume to a room. If you have a small or a dark kitchen, using the light shades of such tiles can do wonders. These are loved for their shine and the beauty which they add to the kitchen.

However, their smooth surface, though easy to clean, shows up the minute stains clearly. Therefore they need to be maintained properly.

You can get these tiles from our store in the sizes: 30×60 cm, 15×45 cm

The prices start at Rs. 38 per sq.ft

Textured tiles

Textured tiles are loved by those who have a spacious, well-lit kitchen. These tiles blend well with the countertops made with natural stones like granite and marble. The textured finish gives the kitchen an authentic and traditional look. They come in various textures, mosaic and geometrical patterns.

The downside to these is that they do not reflect light and may make a small kitchen look darker. These do not show light stains but are hard to remove.

You can get these tiles for your kitchen from our store in the sizes: 30×60 cm, 15×45 cm

The prices range from Rs. 40 per sq.ft

Satin finish tiles

Satin finish tiles, often termed as soft matt finish tiles, are preferred by those who do not want the extra glare of the glossy tiles but want an easy to clean finish tiles. Choosing large-sized satin finish tiles for your kitchen walls will give it a decent look with the best features of both glossy and textured tiles.

You can get these tiles for your kitchen from our store in the sizes: 30×60 cm, 15×45 cm

The price range starts from Rs.38 per sq.ft