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Living Room Wall Tiles

The living room is the area where all the chit chats between the family members happen. Hence, this is a place where most of the quality time is spent. This is also the place which is primarily reserved for the guests. Choosing perfect decor ideas to give a joyous and positive outlook to the living room ideas is, therefore, a must.

Tiling one of the walls of the living room is one such excellent ideas, with many tiling options available in the market.

Paittakulam marbles has some fabulous collection of wall tiles to make your living room a perfect reflection of your home’s identity.

Popular Types of Living room wall tiles

Add vividness and class to your home by choosing the best wall tiles for your living space.

Before you make a choice, have a look at some of the popular wall tiles your fellow Malayalees have chosen for their living rooms.

Wooden finish wall tiles

One of the most loved designs for a vintage look is the wooden finish tiles. These come in both ceramic and porcelain tiles. It mimics the feel of natural wood and fits in any design.

These are easier to maintain than the actual natural wood works used for the walls. You can either blend it with a matching floor tile or simply create a beautiful contrast.

The price range starts from Rs. 90 per sq.ft

Metallic finish tiles

Give a metallic look to the walls of your living room by choosing from the wide range of metallic finish tiles from brands like Kajaria, Somany etc.

Create a mosaic metallic effect on one of the walls of your living room to add shimmer and glamour to your living room space. These tiles come in metallic colours like silver, copper, golden hues etc.

The prices start from Rs.120 per sq.ft

Digital HD wall tiles

Add vibrancy to your living room by using the latest technology imbibed High definition digital printed wall tiles. These are available in both glossy and matt finish. If you want to add shine and light to your room, go for the glossy finish. The matt finish is for those who like rustic and conventional look for their living areas.

The price range starts from Rs.80 per sq.ft