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Paittakulam marbles – Trusted marble dealer in Kerala

We have a large collection of marbles and they are available for viewing at our showrooms. We do our best to deliver top quality marble to our customers at the lowest price available.

Marble colors

In Kerala, marble tops as the favorite flooring material. They are available in different patterns and colors.

The basic colors are;

  1. White
  2. Green
  3. Brown
  4. Black
  5. Golden

Then there are a lot of variations of these above 5 colors.

The most popular marbles are as follows;

  • Premium Morward white
  • Makrana pure white
  • Opal white
  • Zanjhar white
  • Udaipur pink
  • Dark green
  • Spider green


Premium Morward white – starts at Rs.120 per sq.ft

This is an absolute choice for the floors of many luxury homes. They make the place look more spacious and clean. It is great for walls and pillars as well.

They are also priced affordably which makes them further popular.

Makrana pure white – pricing starts at Rs.400 per sq.ft

This is another variation of the white color, and a costly one as well. It has an excellent finish and is considered best of all marbles. Many popular historical monuments like Taj Mahal are made of the marble.

Produced in Rajasthan these marbles are very durable and becomes shinier with age. These are still used for making idols of worship.

Opal white – price starts at Rs.300 per sq.ft

Produced in Rajasthan this is another popular variety of white marble. With black lines and spots on a white background, it is easy to polish and come with an excellent finish. This is an ideal choice for kitchen countertops as well as porches.

Zanjhar white – price starts at Rs.40 per sq.ft

This is a very popular variety of marble that is affordable for most people. It is commonly used for flooring. It is white in color with beautiful, non-intersecting black lines.

Udaipur pink – starts at Rs.30 per sq.ft

This is another model which is affordable for most people. It is pink in color with black lines. It is a pink version of the Zanjhar white. These are used for flooring as well as for countertops.

Dark green – starts at Rs.45 per sq.ft

These are dark green in color with beautiful, darker patterns. They are affordable but are rarely used for flooring because of the dark color. However, it is a popular choice for bathrooms as well as kitchen countertops.

Spider green – starts at Rs.55 per sq.ft

It has a striking green color and a kind of spider web like texture. They are usually very shiny and is an excellent material for decorations. They are used on the walls of commercial buildings and also on countertops.