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Bathroom Wall Tiles

To achieve a dream bathroom design, one of the key things one must look for is the bathroom wall tiles.  Selecting the right kind of tile can create an extraordinary look to your bathroom irrespective of its size.

We at Paittaluam Marbles help you achieve this and much more to add the much-needed zing to your bathroom through our quality array of wall tiles. Since 2000, Paittakulam Marbles has been a reliable and trusted name in Kerala for their services and products.

We have a wide collection of bathroom wall tiles from the leading tiles companies of India such as Kajaria, NIT Co, somany etc.

Bathroom wall tiles come in a variety of finishes, understanding of which is of prime importance.   

Popular finishes for Bathroom wall tiles in Kerala

While there are lots of finishes in which wall tiles are available, the ones suitable for bathroom tiles boil down to the two basic finishes, the matt and Glossy finish. These two have been popular choices as bathroom wall tiles in Kerala for a quite long time.

  • Matt Finish: If you are looking for wall tiles for a large, well bathroom, and like to give it a rustic look, this one is for you. These tiles complement the rustic and non-skid floor tiles of the bathroom very well. Since these do not reflect light, it may make a small bathroom look dark and clumsy, therefore the size of the bathroom need to be considered while choosing this type of tile.

The price range of Matt finish wall tiles starts from 45 per sq.ft

  • Glossy Finish: The beautiful silken finish of Gloss tiles bounces the light around a small bathroom and makes it look larger. These are ideal as bathroom wall tiles as they are easy to clean and are stain-resistant to some extent. For an elegant and chic look to your bathroom irrespective of its size, you can choose this tile.

The price range of Glossy finish wall tiles starts from 40 per square ft.

Sizes in which these tiles are available are: 30×60 cm, 15×45cm

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